2018 F150 Custom Tuning NOW Available!

Effective Immediately we have FULL Engine and Transmission Custom Tuning SUPPORT for 2018 F150  3.5L Ecoboost, 2018 F150  5.0L V8, 2018 F150 2.7L Ecoboost.

One thing you can count on from 5 Star Tuning is quality and reliable tunes that will offer you the most your vehicle has to offer without sacrificing reliability. We never stop developing and are able to offer you the best tunes for your 2018 F150.

**NEW **We have made some major changes in the tune offerings for these vehicles. We will no longer be offering a dedicated economy tune. We will, however, have an economy tune built into the economy mode of our signature performance/tow tune. This will save you time in that you no longer have to re-tune your vehicle to jump between economy and any of our other tunes. We have also added Performance ONLY tune option for 87 and 89 octanes.  For those wanting the most aggressive tunes they can get on 87 and 89 octanes (without towing) this would be the tune for you.

Areas we address in our tunes range from improvements to the fuel tables, drive-by-wire, vehicle limiters, vehicle timing, torque converter strategies, shift strategies (including the improvement of the 10-speed transmission over previous generations), shift pressures and slip timers. These changes will also be made across all vehicle modes including daily mode, tow/haul mode, sport mode, economy and snow/wet mode.

Just like the 2018 F150 trucks have evolved, so have our tune offerings for them. We offer the following custom calibrations for the new 2018 F150 all motors.

For all models: 87 Performance/Tow, 89 Performance/Tow, 91 Performance/Tow, 93 Performance/Tow.

**NEW ** For all models: 87 Performance Only (New for 2018 Models!), 89 Performance Only (New for 2018 Models!), 91 Performance Only, 93 Performance Only.

For Flex Fuel applications: e85 Performance/Tow and e85 Performance.

Where is my economy tune? We now offer our economy tune in the economy mode in the performance/tow tune.

Auto Start/Stop: Fords new Auto Start/Stop now across all F150 motors can be disabled OR enabled in all of our tune offerings based on your request.

More detailed tuning information:

2.7L: https://5startuning.com//got-2018-f150-2-7l-ecoboost/

3.5L: https://5startuning.com//got-2017-f150-3-5l-v6-ecoboost/

5.0L: https://5startuning.com//got-2018-f150-v8-5-0l/

Vehicle tuner options:

2.7L: https://5startuning.com//product/2018-f150-2-7l-eb-hp-tuner-n-gauge-choice-5-star-custom-tunes/

3.5L: https://5startuning.com//product/2017-f150-3-5l-eb-hp-tuner-n-gauge-choice-5-star-custom-tunes/

5.0L: https://5startuning.com//product/2018-f150-5-0l-hp-tuner-n-gauge-choice-5-star-custom-tunes/

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