5 Star Raptor with Stainless Works Headers and Custom 4 inch Exhaust

Our 2011 Raptor has stainless works headers with the LMF s tube muffler exhaust, one of the best sounding systems and is great when you want a loud bite but a little loud in the cab if your on the phone like me; So we decided to change it up a bit and do something different. We have worked with the eco boost F150 V6 a lot on different exhaust and finding one that most can live with no drone and noise is a long chore. So we took what we learned on it and added 4 inch cab back exhaust to the Raptor with 2 4″ twister resonators one before and one after the muffler; now its sounds like a big block with little to no drone in cab. Very pleased with sound so we thought we would share the recipe.

PART_1372610027134 PART_1372609897805 PART_1372011227461 PART_1372009893845 IMG_20130623_120431 4 inch raptor


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