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2015-2016 F150 3.5L EB Perf Version 3 Update

Our latest 2015 - 2016 F150 3.5L Ecoboost Performance Tune Only update now available! Available in 91 octane and 93 octane only. Fill out the form below and you will receive your updated file witin 24-72 hours.

2018-02-22T08:56:15+00:00 February 8th, 2018|

Our Biggest Black Friday & Cyber Monday Ever!

There are holiday deals... and then there are REAL holiday DEALS! Welcome to our biggest BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY ever! For a limited time take advantage of our annual holiday discount of $50 off $100 off holiday tuners from November 20th through November

2017-11-20T09:21:04+00:00 November 9th, 2017|

2018 F150 Custom Tuning NOW Available!

Effective Immediately we have FULL Engine and Transmission Custom Tuning SUPPORT for 2018 F150  3.5L Ecoboost, 2018 F150  5.0L V8, 2018 F150 2.7L Ecoboost. One thing you can count on from 5 Star Tuning is quality and reliable tunes that

2018-01-13T10:42:46+00:00 November 7th, 2017|