Trailer On with 5 Star Tuning !

While there are other companies out there tuning trucks.  Most of those other companies only test for wide open throttle on a dyno for 10 seconds and maybe an occasional 1/4 mile 14 second pass. 5 Star Tuning tests for those and much more.  We have a fleet of trailers that we own to work and road test all of our vehicles calibrations. During some of these road tests much more data is prevalent with focus on drive-ability in the areas of acceleration and deceleration. Also during these testing conditions many data-log PIDS are being monitored related to temperatures and timing both on engine and transmission to ensure the longevity of your vehicle.  Bottom line you must own and drive the vehicles you tune and rest assured 5 Star Tuning owns and operates these vehicles.  We are the originators of the Performance/Tow tune calibration and the DNA in those tunes come from both the dyno and road testing with these fleet trailers. Whether your truck is used as a daily commuter or if you tow or haul on occasions;  remember to ask your self: What company puts in the road testing time?  When it comes to safe quality calibrations who would you trust?  Trailer On !!!


This first trailer is a new addition to our fleet trailers.  24 foot long extra wide goose neck  14k lb capacity, empty trailer is 5k lbs.  This trailer is used for heavy towing on our F150’s and our Superduty trucks with the diesel and gasoline engines. This trailer really evaluates the temperatures in our calibrations along with shifting and torque converter patterns.




This next trailer is the biggest trailer we use , a deck over trailer thats 30 feet long and empty weights 7400 lbs.  Its use is best used on Superduty gas and diesel calibrations.  At one point during some  Super Duty Diesel 6.7L testing the trailer was CAT scaled to 22,000 lbs.  This really works the vehicle particularly when engine braking is needed.



This trailer is a 22 foot long goose neck trailer coming in at 5000 lbs empty.  Its capacity is about 12k lbs max. Its been used in the past for a lot of F150 Ecoboost tuning calibrations.  At one time we have had the water tanks full and trailer CAT scaled out to almost 13,000 lbs when testing our calibrations.

005 (Large)



This trailer is a bit smaller a 7000 lb capacity trailer 18 feet long.  Empty trailer is only about 2600 lbs.  We use it for moderate towing on lower capacity trucks and vehicles like the F150 2.7L Ecoboost and maybe an Ford Explorer on occasion.




This trailer is one of our favorites.  A 10,000 lb max dump trailer.  Load this trailer with dirt and or rocks and you can really work an F150 trucks acceleration and braking in the calibration. This trailer really works well testing calibrations doing 0-60 and 60-0 testing when its loaded ;  since its short in length and low center of gravity.



These last 2 trailers are a 24 foot enclosed trailer 8000 lbs capacity  and 30 foot bumper pull travel trailer 10000 lbs max capacity trailer.   They work well on how a vehicle pulls with lots of wind drag on the vehicle.  On long grades you can really see how coolant and intake temperatures effect the vehicle.  Monitoring these in tuning calibrations while working the vehicle are extremely important to ensure your vehicle is safe and maintains longevity over the life of your vehicle.




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