Fuel tables are modified for either better economy or all-out performance. Depending on your needs is how most tables are set up. We have noticed on the Focus ST 2.0L EB that the fueling tables are very conservative in their strategies and have long delay timers, and throttle position delays set before allowing additional fuel. Long fuel delays create issues with additional power and torque improvements. However, some fueling delays are ok as they help with economy.

The Focus ST suffers from poor throttle response down low and on the big end. By correcting this issue and a few others; improvements will be much better throttle response, step on go pedal, the vehicle will respond more quickly…this DBW system is a torque driven system, it works by taking a certain amount of torque via engine and wheel and applies it to what the driver’s foot says it needs; a better way to explain it is its a torque limiter. It only allows so much torque at a given pedal position. Stock tables are conservative and numb at best and that’s why one would feel some times a lag or a goofy pedal with DBW systems. For a Focus ST this is one of the most critical areas that must be addressed and modified to generate more torque/hp and throttle response. By reworking the OEM DBW strategies it is definitely a big part of what makes your Focus ST come to life!

There are 3 main types of limiters we adjust. There are Engine Torque limits, Transmission Torque Limits and RPM limits to represent what the vehicle is actually putting to the ground and what the vehicle is actually capable of doing. We do this also with leaving factory fail-safes in place. We can also leave the factory limiters in place what Ford has set from the factory based on customer requests.

Can be increased in most RPM areas for improved Torque and HP. Running a higher Octane fuel will net more power and economy from some timing/spark advancement.

Where do I find my ECU Strategy Code?

At the time of your order if your ECU strategy code is known, we will send your tuner loaded with tunes on your selected tuner. If this information is not known at the time your order is placed, you will be provided a blank tuner to acquire the needed vehicle information.

If using an SCT or Bully Dog Device: On your device under vehicle information, you will find your ECU Strategy Code and ECU SWPN. An example of an ECU Strategy Code is PKRK0R2 and ECU SWPN is HL3A-14C204-BPH.

If using an HP nGauge: Plug your nGauge into the OBD2 port the vehicle you intend to tune. Use the menu on your device to select TUNING, then proceed to select the PCM type and choose READ VEHICLE. Upon selecting “read” you will see a variety of vehicle options. Select your application vehicle such as: “2017 F150 Ecoboost 3.5L GTDI V6: PCM + TCM” “TC-277A 4M+TCM.”

We offer the following tunes for the 2013-2018 Focus ST:

85 Performance
86 Performance
87 Performance
88 Performance
89 Performance
90 Performance
91 Performance
92 Performance
93 Performance
94 Performance
e30 Performance
e50 Performance
85 Economy
86 Economy
87 Economy
88 Economy
89 Economy
90 Economy
91 Economy
92 Economy
93 Economy
94 Economy