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Where do I find my ECU Strategy Code?

At the time of your order if your ECU strategy code is known, we will send your tuner loaded with tunes on your selected tuner. If this information is not known at the time your order is placed, you will be provided a blank tuner to acquire the needed vehicle information.

If using an SCT or Bully Dog Device: On your device under vehicle information, you will find your ECU Strategy Code and ECU SWPN. An example of an ECU Strategy Code is PKRK0R2 and ECU SWPN is HL3A-14C204-BPH.

If using an HP nGauge Device: The nGauge will not need a strategy code at the time of order, however, when you receive your nGauge device you will do a “Stock Read of Your Vehicles PCM & TCM with the device and simply email that stock file back to us. At this point, the custom tuning/mapping can be completed.

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