2015 F150 3.5L Eco Boost Tuned !

Once the New 2015 F150 came out , 5 Star went to work tuning and mapping real world results.  These 2015 F150 trucks put down more to the wheel (approx 25-30 hp / tq) than any 2011-2014 F150 Ecoboost we have seen on our dyno.  Neverless the amount over stock gains are pretty huge anyways.   These 2015 trucks have a flatter torque curve than previous years which makes these trucks all about torque.

Tuning wise 5 Star Tuning will be offering these popular choices for the new F150 3.5L EB V6.

These enhanced calibrations can increase economy and are completely safe to tow/haul your vehicles manufactured recommend weight rating in any mode.

Enhanced Safe Power – Great Drive Ability – Good Economy is our goals with all of our custom maps.

Power levels over stock are approx.

35 hp – 50 tq for 87 octane perf/tow tune
45 hp – 60 tq for 93 octane perf/tow tune
65 hp – 100 tq for 93 octane performance only tune.

Calibrations will enhance some if not all of these areas depending on Map/Tune developed.
● fuel
● boost
● drive by wire
● grill shutters
● cold/hot start idle
● idle drive
● variable cam
● shifting normal mode
● converter normal mode
● shifting Tow/Haul mode
● converter Tow/Haul mode
● timing
● cruise/speed control
● variable speed fan
● speed limiters
● tire size
● axle ratio

CALIBRATIONS that are available for the F150 3.5L V6 are:


These are our number 1 tunes!  They have great power and great drive ability while daily driving or towing factory weight ratings.   Best all around tune for the F150 EcoBoost.  (Can Tow Factory Weight Ratings with these Maps/Tunes)

87 Octane Performance/Tow
89 Octane Performance/Tow
91 Octane Performance/Tow
93 Octane Performance/Tow


These tunes are about straight line Max Performance. Slightly firmer shifting and quick turbo response. Fun tune to drive daily.

91 Octane Performance
93 Octane Performance


These tunes have factory power levels with our custom transmission calibration.  (Can Tow Factory Weight Ratings with these Maps/Tunes)

87 Octane Trans Tune Only
89 Octane Trans Tune Only
91 Octane Trans Tune Only
93 Octane Trans Tune Only


These tunes are for all out Economy and can Tow Factory Weight Ratings  .  Works well in an heavy in town environment on a daily basis or open highway.

87 Octane Economy
89 Octane Economy
91 Octane Economy
93 Octane Economy


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