NEW! Introducing 5 Stars new F150 2wd 3.7L v6 Eco Pack

Want more fuel economy without the sacrifice of drive-ability and good power? The issue with the 2011-2013  3.7L v6 F150 in both Crew Cab and Supercab models the only gear set you can get from Ford is the 3.73 gear, not a bad gear at all but for highway use and speeds of 40-75 mph it is not the best fuel efficiency gear.

The solution is to install a more efficient gear set like a Ford Racing 3.15 gear. With this gear installed Engine RPMs are dropped approx 300-400 rpm in all forward transmission gears. This helps with highway fuel efficiency and as a side benefit reduces cabin noise at highway speeds. The new provided tune/map; the speedometer is corrected and the shift and torque converter patterns are remapped to keep the same feel for hp/tq while driving, its the best of both worlds. The tune/map will provide more low end tq and hp and 4th , 5th and 6th transmission gears become more useful with this new 3.15 gear.  As an example 6th gear comes in now at 50 mph vs 39 mph, that means 5th gear comes in later as well. Tow capacity will be slightly reduced to 5000 lbs approx but if you’re the occasional tower this is of no concern.. We see a consistent 2 mpg gain over stock 3.73 gears set on our own F150 3.7L, obviously results will vary based on vehicle, driver and terrain.

The Eco Pack contains:New 3015 X3 device with 4 custom tunes; 87 Economy, 87 Economy Sport (more torquey), 91 Economy, 91 Economy Sport (more torquey) and New Ford Racing 3.15 Gear.


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