Your Future RV or Taco Truck Will Have a 7.3L Gas V8! 2020 Ford Stripped Chassis

Your future motorhome or RV will have a new 7.3L gasoline V8 and a heavy duty 6-speed automatic transmission. The old V10 is going away.

You probably heard about Ford’s new upcoming 7.3L gasoline V8. Now, it’s coming to the updated Ford stripped chassis, also known as F53 or F59. Why is this important? These chassis underpins many Class A motorhomes.

Ford says the new V8 will make more power and torque than the outgoing 6.8L V10 gas engine, although we do not know the exact specifications yet.

The F53 or the F59 chassis are also used for delivery van and taco trucks!

Interestingly, the Ford E-Series van chassis also continues for 2021 and beyond. It’s also getting the new 7.3L gas V8 engine. Why continue to sell the E-Series and the Ford Transit at the same time. Ford says both are in demand, and they do not cannibalize each others sales. One reason for this is the higher GVWR on the E-Series, which now goes up to 14,500 lbs. The Transit maxes out at 11,000 lbs.

Here is a look at the new Ford F-600 and the updates to the F-650 & F-750.

Here is an overview of everything that’s new with the 2020 Ford Transit.

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