Someone Discovered What Could Be A Ford Bronco Screen Animation In New Sync Update

[Image: Mine Tramstop via YouTube]

We haven’t seen the actual Ford Bronco in the flesh just yet, but this could be what its startup screen. A Bronco6G Forum user posted what could be the Bronco’s loading screen as part of the latest Sync 3 update, discovered on the Ford F-150. According to a moderator’s edit of that post, this screen was found on the backend service menus. Apart from the alleged Bronco screen, it also shows various infotainment animations for Lincoln, ST Performance, and some other Ford models.

The Bronco emblem looks similar to what Ford showed here, in its first teaser for the new model. [Image: Ford]

The video below (assuming it’s still live when you read this post) shows rocks rolling down a hill, a sign of the Bronco’s off-road credentials. Those rocks then transform into a bucking bronco, which looks pretty similar to what we’ve seen in Ford’s official teaser.

It’s feasible this could be the actual startup screen for the new Bronco. After all, people have found easter eggs in infotainment systems before. At the moment, though, there’s no other information to go on. Nevertheless, it looks cool, and it would be a nice touch to accompany the Bronco’s return.

2021 ford bronco raptor
We’ve seen this test mule, but no official images of the actual Bronco have emerged yet.

What we (sort of) know so far

The new Ford Bronco will debut sometime next year, and will likely launch as a 2021 model. Its reveal date remains a mystery, as does most of the information surrounding its existence, actually. Sure, we’ve seen patent drawings and prototypes and various small leaks, but nothing that’s one hundred percent. The 2021 Ford Bronco will supposedly launch with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine similar to what’s in the new Ranger. Ford will also supposedly include a manual transmission option, as well as a 10-speed automatic. We do know it has the classic boxy Bronco styling, and may also have solid front and rear axles to compete with the Jeep Wrangler off the beaten track.



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