5 Star Does 2011-2014 6.7L Super Duty Diesel !

Ever feel you don’t have all the Torque that your 6.7L  should have come with from Ford? And your not interested buying a new 6.7L  just in hopes to have a little more?  Or maybe your 6.7L seems a little Sluggish?   We can help!  We have taken the same  5 Star approach with the 6.7L Diesel as we have done with other vehicles in the past.  Our tuning goals for the 6.7L have been really simple, focus on good safe reliable power , good drive ability and finally maintain or increase efficiency.  We also practice what we preach at 5 Star using our own 6.7L  diesel working our calibrations in the Real World.  Taking this approach ensures that your tuned 6.7L diesel provides you a long service life .  


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