how often are spark plugs changed

How Often Are Spark Plugs Changed?

Do you know that sinking feeling when your car struggles to start or feels sluggish on acceleration? Relax; it might just be time to check your vehicle’s spark plugs. 

Spark plugs are crucial for a smooth operation, so keeping them in prime condition is essential. How often are spark plugs changed, on average? 5 Star Tuning’s guide below looks at the details.

What Are Spark Plugs, and How Do You Know When You Should Change Them?

With custom car tunes by 5 Star Tuning, spark plugs tend to come up quite a bit. That shouldn’t surprise you since a spark plug is a small but mighty component in your car’s engine. It ignites the air and fuel mixtures, allowing your vehicle to power up and get going. 

As the name suggests, each spark plug creates a spark that lights the cylinders’ contents. It’s this tiny explosion that moves your car’s pistons, so if these plugs wear out, it directly impacts your vehicle’s performance.

How often are spark plugs changed? Generally, experts advise replacing worn-out spark plugs once every 30,000 miles, but this varies considerably with the vehicle type and spark plug type. 

Common ailing spark plug symptoms that indicate your vehicle might need new spark plugs include the following:

  • Difficulty starting your car
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • An uneven engine idle

Why Vehicle Owners Need To Keep Up With Spark Plug Changes

Maintaining your vehicle’s spark plugs is crucial because faulty spark plugs lead to a variety of engine issues, such as:

  • Misfires
  • Poor acceleration
  • Rough idling

Worn-out spark plugs also increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption. This issue can even cause significant damage to the engine’s catalytic converter, which becomes costly to repair. 

For optimal vehicle maintenance, replace your spark plugs according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

The Benefits of Installing a New Spark Plug

How often are spark plugs changed? Once you know what your own vehicle needs, you should start noticing some benefits whenever you install a fresh spark plug. It’s not just fixing an immediate issue–changing spark plugs greatly enhances the overall performance of your vehicle.

For example, here are some benefits you could expect after putting in a new spark plug:

  • Improved fuel efficiency: New spark plugs ignite the fuel and air mixture efficiently. The vehicle will burn fuel more completely and boost your miles per gallon.
  • Enhanced engine performance: Brand-new spark plugs run engines smoother. The vehicle should start quicker and offer better acceleration.
  • Reduced emissions: What else does optimal combustion mean? Reduced engine emissions, of course! Your vehicle should be more environmentally friendly with new spark plugs.

5 Star Tuning’s #1 Choice Spark Plug Changes

How often are spark plugs changed? If you’re experiencing any issues related to faulty spark plugs, such as a frequent check engine light, why not contact 5 Star Tuning in Florence, SC, and the surrounding areas? Our supercharger services keep your engine operating at its peak potential with high-voltage solutions to all your automotive needs—call (843) 536-1244 today!

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