Ford F-150 Electric Truck: Here’s Why It’s REAL (News)

In advance of the reveal of the all-new Ford F-150 later this week, Ford put out the results of a survey with some interesting discoveries. The biggest? That 40% of current truck owners “are excited about the idea of an electric pickup.” And of the 2,000 respondents who live in California, almost 2/3rds of them think positively about an EV truck. You can click here to see the results of the entire survey.

When you consider that Ford sold more than a million trucks in 2019 between the F-Series and Ranger, that’s a market of more than 400,000 potential EV pickup buyers in the years ahead just for a Ford product. Extrapolate that out to include all makes, and the potential sales easily exceed a million. So it’s no wonder that Ford’s electric F-150 is scheduled to rollout within the next two years.

Ford F-150
(infographic: Ford)

Conducted by Penn Schoen Berland, “The Great American Truck Survey 2020”, reached out to 2,000 truck owners, and interestingly, 46 percent of them were women, a large demographic not often heard from in the truck-buying world. Of the respondents, only 38 percent of them were Ford truck owners.


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