Spotted! Ford Mach E Electric Crossover Seen Testing In Colorado

Ford’s first all-electric Mustang-based crossover is coming on November 17. Before that, however, TFLcar reader Patrick spotted no fewer than three prototypes testing in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s one of the few opportunities we’ve had to see the Mach E in the flesh, and there are a couple clues as to what it looks like, even with all the camouflage.

From the front, the hood has a similar curved profile to the Mustang. Despite all the camouflage at the back, it also looks like the roofline curves downward a bit after the C-pillar — a sign of coupe-like styling. All the masking does conceal most of the interior and some styling cues on the exterior, but the glass area up front also looks similar to the Mustang, as does these cars’ side mirrors.

Spotted! Ford Mach E Electric Crossover Seen Testing In Colorado

So far, we know the Ford Mach E will ride on a bespoke EV platform, despite borrowing its styling cues from the Mustang. Out back there are no exhaust pipes on these prototypes, which is a telltale sign that this is the Mach E. Since this is a crossover, we’ll likely see a dual-motor setup, giving the car all-wheel drive.

As for actual performance, we’re left in the dark for now. The Ford Mach E will supposedly travel at least 300 miles on a charge, which would put it in Tesla territory. Anything else at this point is speculation, though we should know more next month. From there, the Ford Mach E should go on sale sometime next year, with prices starting around $40,000.


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