Quality Tuning You Can Trust!

Why 5 Star Tuning?

Our customers choose us because we lead the industry in Ford and GM tuning, deliver unmatched service and support and offer some of the best value in the industry today. Since our inception in 2004, our approach to business has helped transform us from our roots in Mustang and F-Series tuning to the leading developer of Truck, SUV and RV tuners in the marketplace. This transformation did not happen overnight without complete and total commitment to our mission: providing you with safe and reliable custom tunes that bring the most performance out of your vehicle.

Regardless of your project size and whether your build is simple or complex, we strive to offer our customers solutions from the best brands in the industry in conjunction with our differentiated tune offerings and our unmatched engineering services delivered in a timely and cost effective manner.

Experience & Stability

As your market leader, our engineering teams have the most experience aiding our customers to reach their goals no matter if it is simply achieving an improved driving experience and increased mileage all the way to vehicle’s offering over 750 hp. Each vehicle is built to operate without compromise to your vehicle’s longevity.

As the only custom tuning vendor that personally owns each and every vehicle they tune, we offer an unwavering commitment to providing you with quality tunes you can trust that cannot be matched elsewhere in the marketplace. Our tunes are built, designed and tested on vehicles we invest in. We will never use your vehicle for an experiment. Once you receive our custom tunes you can take confidence in them being the most refined and reliable tunes available today.

Unparalleled Services

5 Star Tuning offers an array of services and product’s that unite the automotive industry’s most successful brands under one roof. Here at 5 Star Tuning we live and breathe everything that is automotive. We live up to our reputation of delivering you your custom tunes within 48 hours. You work hard to modify your vehicle. We work even harder to support you.


You simply won’t find another vendor that can match our value proposition. Our customer’s often confirm the same thing. We make every effort to provide our customers with not only the most reputable brand offerings in the industry but also with unparalleled services. We promise the same to each and every one of you whether we are working on your first vehicle or your tenth.

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