2017-2020 F150 3.5L V6 Ecoboost Email Tune(s) for Derive’s SCT/Bully Dog Tuners

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  • For other options, vehicle must be dyno tuned at our location. Please contact us at 843-536-1244 for appointment and details.
  • If you are looking for a calibration team member to review your vehicle's operation for new parts, potential power gains or simply to ensure everything is running perfectly you have made it to the right place! With the 5 Star Tuning datalog subscription, we will review your datalogs for a period of 6 months.

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Why Tune My Vehicle? From the factory, your vehicle’s computer is calibrated for the masses, designed with the average driver in mind, not the performance enthusiast. This not only leaves valuable horsepower & torque hidden inside your vehicle, but it also makes for a mediocre driving experience. Our tuners unlock your vehicle’s hidden performance by re-calibrating your vehicle’s PCM for maximum horsepower & torque, increase throttle response, clean shift points, increased efficiency and the best driving experience possible.

Why 5 Star Tuning? We are your industry leader in Ford and GM truck, car, suv and motorhome tuning. We create and offer the most refined tunes on the market for your application. Rather than offering you a one-size fits all approach we custom tailor all of your tunes to your specific needs. These needs can be more power, more torque, tuning for your current or future modifications or simply getting the best driving experience from your vehicle. In addition to our refined approach to tuning vehicle, we ensure your vehicle’s reliability will never be compromised.

Dyno & Street Proven Tunes! Our 5 Star Tuning custom tunes have been dyno developed, refined, tested repeatedly, street tested, tow tested and driven all over the country in our own personal vehicles. Nothing says highest quality tune on the market such as investing in our own vehicles and testing them for over a million test miles by our own engineers.

Free Tunes for Life! Have you added a new mod for your Raptor and wish to maximize your application’s performance? For all of our Tunes for Life members, these modifications are free for the life of your vehicle while you own it. This will ensure that your vehicle run properly with our dyno and street tested tunes give you the most horsepower, torque and most efficient performance possible with your newest addition. For more information on what qualifies for free tune upgrades visit

Want More Performance? A 5 Star Tuning Custom will dramatically improve your drivability, horsepower, torque, throttle response, efficiency, and enhance each of your unique driving modes. Eliminate your factory speed limiter, sluggish throttle, sloppy shifts and lackadaisical nature of your vehicle.

How Do We Get More Performance? Our tunes bring the most potential out of your vehicle by adjusting your fuel tables, drive by wire, timing, torque converter, shift strategies and shift pressures. Visit our Custom Tuning Info section for more detailed information for your specific vehicle.


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4 reviews for 2017-2020 F150 3.5L V6 Ecoboost Email Tune(s) for Derive’s SCT/Bully Dog Tuners

5.00 out of 5 stars

  1. 5 out of 5

    The Cook Family

    Now we know why they picked that name 5-Star....

    First and foremost, we know NOTHING about vehicles. The only reason we got a tuner and a tune is that our family pulls a travel trailer across the United States to raise awareness for special needs and disabilities. The tuner was donated to us and 5 Star Tuning was recommended. We reached out and explained what we do and asked if they could help. Without hesitation they jumped on board and provided us with towing tunes that are AMAZING. What do we mean by amazing, well check this out.

    We traveled over 9,000 miles in 2020, pulling a 19' travel trailer. Before the tune we were averaging 4-6 mpg on a 2019 F-150 Fx4. After the tune we are averaging 9-11 mpg. YES! it doubled the mpg on our towing and it may still seem like very low mpg to most but it's HUGE for us and we can't recommend the tunes enough.

    We will be making our first cross-country drive this Thanksgiving, without the trailer, so we can't wait to see what the gas mileage is then. :)

  2. 5 out of 5

    Drew Foster

    If you want more power and torque then shut up and give them your money! So worth $160. This tune is lights out better than the preloaded tune on the SCT. No comparison. My truck sounds better even at idle. Throttle is more responsive and shifting has gotten smarter. It has awoken the ecobeast for sure. My 0 to 60 times are faster than a 90's ferrari.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Michael FLeury

    I purchased the Email tunes, I installed the 93 octane performnce tune, woo hoo she fly's. It makes the 93 octane tune that came from SCT feel like stock. Im very impressed. Ultimate sleeper!!! Along with being automatically enrolled into the Tunes for life is totaly f'ing awsome. Cant wait to try the E50 tunes, more to follow

  4. 5 out of 5

    Bruce C

    Bought the email tunes and loaded onto bully dog programmer. I have 2017 F150 3.5 early production totally stock. I loaded the 87 Tow/Haul tune and am very satisfied. Yes there is the huge power increase, but the real value was also much improved shift logic and throttle response mapping. It is just a totally different truck! The shifting is still very smooth no harshness, and adapts to your style. If softly driven it still skips gears and shifts without high rpm, but step on it and it downshifts and goes. If you are not wanting to be stuck with a super harsh tune, this is for you. Also in tow haul mode it retains aggressive downshifts on a hill and uses each gear on acceleration. This is by far the least expensive and most beneficial thing you can do to this truck.

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