Provides an All-Around Improvement in Handling Performance On and Off-Road

Give your do-it-all 2009-2013 F150 build nice bump in handling capability and off-road performance without breaking your bank by turning to Elka’s 2.0 Front Coilovers. Elka’s 2.0 IFP coilovers give your truck a nice bump in handling performance on the road by greatly reducing front-end roll and soaking up bumps in the pavement better than stock so that you get a smooth, controlled street ride. The Elka 2.0 IFP coilovers also don’t slouch off-road and can absorb violent impacts from tough off-road terrain much more effectively than stock so that you can take your F150 just about anywhere you please off the beaten path. The Elka 2.0 IFP coilovers feature large shock bodies made out of aluminum, which dissipates heat much more effectively than steel-body struts and coilovers, helping you and your truck keep fade under control when you hit the trails. Each coilover adds 2-3″ of front lift, allowing you to squeeze larger wheel and tire combinations onto your truck and get the ground clearance you need make it over off-road obstacles. The coilovers drop right into place of the stock coilover assemblies without the need for permanent modifications or drilling. Due to the ride height increase, aftermarket Upper control arms are strongly recommended. A version of these coilovers with 0-2″ of lift that does not require a UCA is also available.

2″ Diameter Aluminum Bodies with Internal Floating Piston and 700lb-in Coil Springs

The Elka 2.0 IFP Coilovers were designed to give your awesome F150 an all-around improvement in suspension performance and handling while being built with quality components and materials that won’t let you down. The coilovers are built around 2″ diameter shock bodies with an internal floating piston (IFP) design that keeps their large oil reservoirs and gas charges separate to avoid cavitation and deliver consistent performance. The shock bodies are made out of aluminum with a hard-anodized finish for a great look, corrosion resistance, and reduced fade over steel shock bodies. The coilovers are wrapped in a 700lb-in spring that helps absorb impact energy and provides improved stability with less body roll during street driving. Vehicle-specific valving provides an excellent ride and control. The coilovers feature a 5/8″ induction-hardened shaft with a triple sealing system that keeps dust, grime, and moisture out of the shock body. The upper and lower mounts of each coilover are made out of CNC machined billet aluminum to ensure optimal strength for your truck. The Elka 2.0 coilovers drop right into place of your F150’s factory coilover assemblies as direct, bolt-on replacements for stock.

Fitment: 2009-2013 F150 4WD

Aftermarket UCAs strongly recommended: due to these coilover’s ride height, aftermarket upper control arms are strongly recommended. A version of these coilovers that does not require UCAs is also available.