2004-2014 F150 Access Limited Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover 6.5ft Bed (w/ Ford Cargo System) 21279

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SKU: ACC-21279


Full Bed Access

Whether you are loading up a recreational vehicle, or do deliveries regularly Access has done a great job of providing you with full bed space even with a Truck Bed Cover on. With a lot of Truck Bed Covers you must completely take them off which can quickly become a nuisance. But the Access Limited Truck Bed Cover can roll up all the way to the cab in less than 30 seconds, and provides you with the whole bed for loading cargo.


The Access Limited has a new feature under it called the Autolatch 2 which provides more security and keeps your stuff locked down. This is a dual locking set up that simultaneously disengages the locks at a simple twist of a dial.

Strong and Durable

When it comes to being strong and durable, you can completely rely on the Access Limited. It has black anodized all-aluminum support beams/bows which mean the Access Limited Edition Truck Bed Cover was built to endure. The cover itself is made out of high grade double-coated vinyl fabric that can withstand the hottest summer, or the coldest winter. To top it off, the cover is UV protected so even the harsh elements won’t fade or ruin it.

Simple Installation

The Access Limited Truck Bed Cover is one of the easiest roll up covers to install. The installation does not require drilling and can all be done by a couple of house hold tools. This Truck Bed Cover is very lightweight and comes pre-installed so it can be done just by one person. You simply put the 2 side rails on and install the 6 or 8 clamps (depending whether you have a short bed or long bed).

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 9 × 5 in