New Ford Mach E Renderings Show How It Should Look, Based On The Latest Spy Photos

Ford’s actual reveal will take place next week in Los Angeles.

On November 17, we’ll finally have the full, official picture around the Mustang-inspired electric SUV, also known as the Mach E. A new crop of spy photos surfaced late last week, leaving little up to debate as to what it will look like. Sure, it was technically still camouflaged, but those shots revealed the car in its production-ready form. Based around those images and information we’ve had to date, the Mach E Forums published some new renderings showing what will likely be the final version (although it may look a bit different in person).

Ford Mach E renderings

Styling is always subjective, but the Ford Mach E seems to have a fairly cohesive look, given its Mustang origins. One of the largest complaints you all leveled at previous renderings is hat illuminated Mustang badge on the front. It’s a sensible argument — while it’s “inspired” by the Mustang, it isn’t actually a Mustang, and it shouldn’t have that badge. Should it just have Ford’s Blue Oval badge instead? That’s a debate that will continue until people actually start driving it, at least.

If it actually has some performance chops to back up Ford’s choice to lean on the Mustang for inspiration, maybe people will accept the Mustang’s likeness in an electric crossover. If Ford Performance offers some options for this car, then it could be a viable alternative to gas-powered hot crossovers like the Edge ST.

We’ll have to wait and see how the final details come together. Stay tuned to for Mach E coverage and more from the 2019 LA Auto Show!


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