Diesel Brothers Get Fined $850,000 For Violating the Clear Air Act

TV show personalities and company, Diesel Brothers, (aka. “Diesel Bros.” on the Discovery Channel) are ordered to pay $850,000 by the court for violating the Clean Air Act. This court case has been active for many months. The court case was brought by the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment. The lawsuit claims that the Diesel Bros. and their companies willfully modified 400 vehicles that violated the emissions regulations after the modifications. Many of these vehicles were sold or given away in a contest to various fans of the show.

The attorney for the Diesel Bros. claims that number of vehicles that were modified was approximately 17, and this was not done on any massive scale. The defendants attorney made this statement “The contributions that the Diesel brothers have made to our local community, which have been a lot, are not overshadowed by 17 trucks”.

A report states that the EPA tested at least one of the trucks modified by the company, which was found to emit many times more bad emissions than allowed by law.

Diesel Bros. may also have to may another $1.2 million in attorney fees.

Source: https://www.tfltruck.com/2020/03/diesel-brothers-get-fined-850000-for-violating-the-clear-air-act/

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