The 2020 Ford GT Is Now Even More Powerful, And There’s A $750,000 Liquid Carbon Edition

New for 2020: The Ford GT’s mechanical upgrades

After three years in production, Ford revealed their updated 2020 GT supercar at this year’s Chicago Auto Show. The mechanical changes are relatively minor, with the most notable being a horsepower bump up to a healthy 660 (from 647 horsepower before). While it isn’t a major boost, Ford claims the street-legal racer to have a “broader torque band and revised engine calibration.”

The changes go deeper than just power, though. Ford improved cooling by 50% more thanks to better air flow and a larger intercooler, both of which further push the car’s performance. Ford said it also modified the GT’s existing 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 with “gallery-cooled pistons and higher-energy ignition coils” that were inspired by the GT Mk II track car.

Though most of these adjustments aren’t very noticeable, the new titanium Akrapovič exhaust should be. With better sound and almost ten pounds of weight saved over the original setup, the upgraded pipes should be a distinguishing feature to onlookers. The 2020 Ford GT will feature revised suspension damping for better track driving as well.

New styling

In the styling department, the most notable difference for the new year is an available limited-edition Liquid Carbon appearance package. This option shows off the GT’s carbon construction and standard carbon fiber wheels. If the bare carbon fiber isn’t enough, stripes and painted mirrors are available with the Liquid Carbon finish.

The 2020 Ford GT features an updated heritage edition livery, which pays homage to the famous Le Mans winning GT40s of the late 60s. Buyers may also option the heritage model with carbon fiber wheels for the first time.

Ford GT production officially ends in 2022. The company didn’t announce formal pricing for the GT lineup as of the Chicago Auto Show. However, the changes will likely add a premium to the older model’s $450,000 price tag. Update: A Ford representative told Motor Authority the Liquid Carbon model will cost $750,000. So if you’re in the market for a naked carbon fiber Ford, you’ll have to decide which of the five colors you want for the interior and brake calipers before then.


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