TFL: Here’s A Clearer Look At The 2023 Ford Ranger, Including The Off-Road Versions

The 2023 Ford Ranger shows its new face more clearly in these photos.

In light of the redesigned Ford F-150 and the brand new Ford Maverick emerging on the scene, it’s time for the 2023 Ford Ranger to see its overhaul. While we have seen the Ranger several times over the past few months, these shots show much more detail, at least with the front end. Some visual differences among the three trucks also show what may be the XLT, FX4, and a more off-road focused Wildtrak. Right now, the folks over on Ranger6G forums have not only provided these photos, but are also having a robust discussion on the generational changes.

New C-shaped daytime running lights seem to be standard across the entire lineup, while the Wildtrak gets projector headlamps, to what looks like standard halogens on the lesser models. Currently, the North American ranger does offer a FX4 package as well as an mid-range XLT between the XL and Lariat, as well as the Tremor.

2023 Ford Ranger

Will we see a Ranger Wildtrak, though? It’s possible, as we do now have that option on the new Bronco. To your more crawl-focused Badlands (or Tremor), the Wildtrak seems to focus more on high-speed off-roading. Of course, we could also get that with a new Ranger Raptor, which we do not get here in North America for the current generation. On a promising note, we have seen what look to be Raptors running about in the U.S., so we should get a more hardcore build this time around.

Check out more of our thoughts on the new Ranger below, and let us know what you think! Are you a fan of the new styling, and are you looking out for the Wildtrak or Raptor to show up on our shores?


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