I know tuner topics have been done to death, but I Just wanted to express my over appreciation to Josh and the rest of the 5 Star crew. My truck runs like a beast now and as always with their tunes, I feel 100% comfortable. They are always a pleasure to deal with, which I don’t get to say too often about companies anymore.
Edge Flyer
Price, Thanks for all your help, the tune really improved the Roush stage 2 SC, shift points and speedometer are dead on. I will highly recommend 5 star tuning in the future.
Steve Cooksey
Thanks a million for the tunes man love it…. Service was nothing but the best thanks again.
Shane Gervais
Josh, you are the man. I installed the tune you sent last night. WOW!! The SHO now runs the way it was meant. You and 5 Star Tuning will get all of my future business and everyone I run with will know it. I would recommend 5 Star tuning to anyone thinking of putting a tune on any vehicle. No pun intended,but I give you guys (5) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.
Ernest Gladden
Jacob, the truck is on the road again thanks to your emailed programming. The GM engines which have had comp camps upgrades wouldn’t run without it! You have my recommendation and regard for your know-how.
Rick Wyatt, Wyatt Autos of West Virginia
With a little struggling in the pc part, my wife and I got the new tune loaded and went for a test drive. Great is my first response!! In regular drive now it is much more drivable without that constant upshift to 6th gear. Wonderful! And now I have the tow/haul option that locks the tranny out of 6th – perfect for 40-60 mph in the mountains. The rpm is much higher in tow/haul (2500 rpm shift points) which is where it should be for pulling and without that dangerous and radical downshifting if we are driving on snow and ice, which we will be. They have just had 2 weeks of record cold and snow all through BC. I am excited to make the trip to the west coast this weekend and will get a better idea of how all the changes work out on a 2000 mile trip.

Thanks so much for your personal attention, you did just what you said you would. I am impressed!

Barry Mosby
Thank you very much for the fast delivery of tuner and tunes. They are working great and made my truck far better than I had expected. That’s even after reading hundreds of customer comments about how great your tunes are. You should be proud of your products, they perform as advertised and better.
Jeff Vaughan
5star tuning and its associates are the only company I will ever recommend for tuning again. I have been dealing with SCT and VMP tuning for over a year to get an issue resolved with my X4,both pointing the finger at each other with the only outcome is frustration on my part. I came across 5star’s website and gave them a call.I spoke with Josh and within 20 minutes he had emailed me a new tune to try.He stayed on the phone with me for the first bit of the test drive making sure there were no issues. All I can say is INCREDIBLE,the 89 tow-haul/performance is more than I had hoped for,even compared to the VMP tunes which were very impressive. It truly makes my 06 F150 with the 5.4 a beast. Not only was he more knowledgeable than any of the 9 different techs at SCT,he was genuinely concerned about making sure I was completely satisfied with my tune,which I am.
Doug Mariott
This is by far the best product I have purchased for my 2014 V-10 Fleetwood BOUNDER. It is a shame that it is not standard, installed at the factory. Simply a great product that does what it advertises.
Donald Jett
Just a quick note since I’ve installed my 5Star 87Tune. 1 word… Unreal!!! What a difference this is a great me and took less than 10 minutes to install.
Mr. T.
I have started my trip from Wickenburg AZ (N/W of Phoenix) to Indiana after loading 5star. This is my first report, I am amazed at the improved power from stop to 60 mph and coming on interstates I have been changing altitudes from 1000ft to 7000ft and can tell great difference. As for as 5/3 shifts seems better, but what I have found is that it stays in 4th gear longer giving me time to disengage cruise control. This has been an poor test as we are driving in 30 to 40 mph winds with gusts up to 55mph yes my knuckles are white.I drive on cruise about 62 mph but like other have said when off cruise I find myself over 70mph with the added power. Now for mileage and remember I tow around 5700lbs. Normal mileage on this trip is 6.4 to 6.8 with a 7.0 on a long down hill run. This trip with 5star and 3 fill ups has been 7.1, 7.5 and 7.6 the last tank was highway 54 from Las Cruces NM to Tucumcari NM those of you that has driven this know of the altitude changes from 2000ft to 7000ft many times we did have the wind at our backs.
Bill Stroud
I just had this combo installed on my raptor (75-5077/7015) and it made a huge difference! It has way better throttle response, shifts like a dream and caused me to not stop smiling the whole way home! Great service as well, I could not be more impressed!
Brian Foster
Bought the x4 for my 2006 f250 5.4L, could not be happier. Night and day difference, the custom tunes unlocked a lot of power and all around better driveability. My wish list of performance parts to wake the 5.4 up has been deleted. this is all u need. Thank you 5star, very happy customer!
5 stars for 5 Star Tuning! My 05 F150 4.6 was a dog. I just bought a house so no room in the budget for a hot newer truck. Now I have a truck that won’t embarass me. Mike and the team know these trucks. No need to shop around, click add to cart.

Anyway, the customer service has been top notch. The product is top notch. The reputation is top notch. I’ll be a 5 star customer for life.

Thanks 5 Star!

I bought a junkyard 250,000 mile F150 that had a VERY tired old 4.6L 2 valve. I threw that motor in the trash and bought a Ford Racing 5.4L Block and added all the goodies (too many to list, but Forged crank, H-Beam rods, Trick Flow Heads, and on and on). I got it all put together and it ran like crap. Everyone I called said that would touch it… A Frankenstein motor on top of a 4.6 to 5.4L swap. Not here Bud. Move on. I even called SCT. They said I had to buy the super racer software and write it myself…. A member of the F150 forum said Hey Mike can do that no prob! Call 5 Star.

So I went online filled out the tune request form, put in all the part numbers and BAM. Tune in email. No complaining, no questions… Done. They aint scared!

Truck runs like a champ. No BS. Fastest 2 valve around here thats for sure.

Iv’e had REALLY good experiences with Josh as well as he helped me out once. He knows his stuff too. Dont even think about it. Doggy motor or $100… Hum No brainer!

Frank S
So when I first got the tuner from you I decided to try the street engine tune and Street transmission tune which was preloaded from SCT, just for comparison. It shifted terrible, slipped and held gears too long and I had a check engine light (P068b) that took a couple hours trying several times to get the DTC to clear. It finally cleared and did not come back but I still did not like the shifting after driving it for a day. I was just about to put it back to stock but then you guys emailed me my custom tune, so I loaded that right away……

Night and day difference from the moment I pulled out of my driveway the shifting was perfect and you could definitely feel more torque. My truck was never terrible but with a 6 inch lift and 37 inch tires it’s a little more sluggish compared to stock. Now it feels better than stock and I’m very very happy. looking forward to seeing how it pulls my 15,000 pound fifth wheel next week when I go on a trip that goes over the grapevine in Los Angeles.

Thank you!!!!

Mike Ramsey
You guys really have been turning heads and have made my job as a recruiter better. so you guys have made it so I can spend more time with my family and have made me a more effective Marine. Thanks for making me the hottest thing in town!
Shane Mason
Wow! Best $105 bucks I ever spent. The change is amazing and still on 87 octane.
John Lequire
5 Star Tuning gave me a whole new truck… At least that’s what it feels like. Let me start by saying I really liked my truck when I first got it a few weeks ago. Only two issues made me not ‘love’ it. The first was the grill. An acre of chrome on a square nose, just did not appeal to me. However, now I have come to really like it. It’s big and bold and dare I say macho.

The second issue was the driving experience. It had no real get up and go off the line. No pedal feel…it’s like there was a goose down pillow between my foot and the gas pedal. Lots of lag when taking off from a start and the shift timing was horrible. 6th gear at 38 mph??? Really?? Uggh. With this big 6.2L with plenty of torque and hp, why set the shift pattern up so the driver can’t enjoy or at least ‘feel’ it?

So, I decided to get a tuner. Picked up the SCT 7015 X4 from the boys at 5 Star and had them load 3 custom tunes on it. Got the performance, the economy, and the daily tow all at 87 octane (because I am cheap).

I LOVE this truck now. Immediate throttle response. I can ‘feel’ the engine through the gas pedal. Longer runs thru the rpm range before shifting, giving a much livelier driving experience both in the seat of the pants, and even in the sound of the engine as it winds out.

Chris and Josh at 5 Star could not have been more helpful. They walked me thru the whole deal with extreme patience, considering I am a guy that can’t even program a VCR. They shipped the unit the same day I purchased it. Once I got the unit I hooked it up, emailed back the ECU Strategy and in a couple hours my custom tunes where in my inbox for me to load onto the X4 and then into the truck. So simple a caveman could do it.

So big props to 5 Star!! You guys gave me the truck I always wanted.

That 87 tow tune was awesome in the mountains! I was flying past people driving up the mountains while everyone was struggling AND I had a full load. I was very please with the results.

Thanks to everyone at 5 Star Tuning!

Jeff Roberts
I purchased my 5 Star tuner 2 years ago and I am very satisfied and have recommended your produce to a number of people. They also tell me it is the best tuner they have every used.
I am currently running the 87 Tow/Haul plus 1 degree global timing and love. I have used 2 and 3 degrees but never above that, per your recommendations. I tried both ECO and Performance and neither compare to the Tow/Haul, in all around performance.

On Tow/Haul, I have documented the use of over 800 gallons of gas with a total average of 14.1 MPG. That is a combination of city and highway. I will average 16.1 to 16.4 on highway use.
I have towed trailers weighing 11,000 lb to 14,000 lb trailers. There is no comparison to stock. If Ford had this tune they would sell more trucks. Thank you!

John Perry