JLT Air Filter Pre Filter Fits 5×9 Inch 6×9 Inch Filters Blue



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JLT Air Filter Pre-Filter for 5×9 Inch 6×9 Inch Filters – in Blue

5 Star Tuning is proud to offer our customers the best pre-filters on the market!

This prefilter specifically fits our 5 x 9-inch and 6 x 9-inch air filters. JLT Performance pre-filters are a great way to add protection and style to your JLT cold air Intake system.

Custom-made for us by Outerwears

Pre-filters for outerwear are made to increase the effectiveness of any exposed or performance air filter. A proprietary polyester mesh with uniform micron openings and a hydrophobic/water-repellent treatment is used to create the pre-filter. The mesh can withstand up to 450 degrees of heat, is resistant to UV rays, breaks easily in freezing weather, and can filter particles as small as .005 inches!

If the threads are impacted or moved, the material’s elasticity and puncture resistance allow them to return to their original position. In order to reduce potential failure points in the material, the manufacturing process uses reinforced industrial-grade thread to fill needle holes and strengthen the seam.

For larger pieces with tops, the top seam reinforces the top’s durability with special thread and cording. Pre-filters are made to divert harmful debris that clogs air filters and reduces horsepower and airflow. Additionally, by extending the period between servicing intervals, the pre-filter lowers expenses and improves consumer convenience.


A great way to stop water from puddles or heavy rainstorms from getting into the engine is to use the Outerwears pre-filter. The purpose of an outerwear pre-filter is to keep water out of the air intake system by making it repellent. Please be aware that our pre-filters are not waterproof, even though they have been shown to be incredibly successful at repelling water. Your intake can pass through or hold water if it is submerged.

  • Outerwears pre-filters are an excellent solution to prevent water from entering the engine
  • Outerwears pre-filters are designed to repel water against heavy rainstorms and road puddles

How long will the water repellency last?

The water repellency’s longevity depends on driving conditions and the frequency at which the filter is cleaned. We recommend changing the pre-filter every 6–12 months. However, a quick test can determine if it is time to change your pre-filter. Simply take an ordinary, clean spray bottle filled with water and gently spray the pre-filter. If the water beads off the pre-filter, your water repellency is still working. If you see water enter through the pre-filter, it is time to purchase a new pre-filter.

The water repellency feature will last 6–12 months, depending on driving conditions and the number of cleanings.

Can I spray the pre-filter with water-repellent spray?

No. A complex hydrophobic water-repellent mechanism underlies the Outerwears Pre-Filters water-repellency feature. No spray is applied to it. This procedure is intended to maintain the maximum amount of airflow while preventing the ingestion of water. Any aftermarket water repellency solution you sprayed on would decrease airflow, which would reduce horsepower and fuel efficiency. The water repellency feature is a factory process and cannot be duplicated by spraying on an aftermarket water repellency solution

Will the Outerwears Water Repellent Pre-Filter restrict airflow more than the non-Water Repellent Pre-Filters?

A hydrophobic water-repellent process is used in the production of our water-repellent pre-filters. There is no air loss because this hydrophobic water-repellent method is not sprayed on. When compared to a non-water-repellent pre-filter, Outerwear Water Repellent Pre-Filters won’t have any negative airflow loss.

SKU: 20-2943-02-BKJF