FENFABrication 2020+ Ford Explorer ST HKS SSQV Charge Pipe Kit

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5 Star Tuning is proud to offer the best Ford Explorer Charge ST Pipe Kits on the market.

Our BOV Charge Pipe Kit has the option between the three most popular BOVs in the turbocharger community. So now you can toss your stock BPV for good and finally reach the sound, reliability, and beauty of a Tial Sport BOV, Turbosmart Raceport BOV, or HKS SSQV BOV. This kit also comes in: powder coated textured red, textured black, aztec blue, or brushed/raw finish.

The smooth free-flowing design reduces turbulence while increasing airflow efficiency. This version is for the HKS SSQV blow-off valve to release excess pressure in the charge pipes when letting off the gas. In addition to intoxicating sound, it reduces compressor surge and improves overall reliability at higher boost levels.

The kit comes with all necessary hardware for installation. Includes a block off plate for the OEM BPV along with a resistor to prevent any cel issues. No tune is necessary to run this product.

Turn around time: up to 1 week.

WEIGHT 10 lbs
DIMENSIONS 16 × 12 × 10 in


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No — $274.00, Yes — $518.00


Aztec Blue, Black, Brush/Raw Finish, Red

What Year Explorer ST:

2020 to 2021(Early Build) with OEM BOV, 2021(Late Build) and up with NO OEM BOV