Hyper-Aggressive Look with Huge Improvement in Output

While there’s plenty of aftermarket headlights that give your F150 a unique look, few actually improve light output out of the box, and none look anywhere near as radical as Morimoto’s XB LED headlights for the 2018-2020 F150s. Each headlight features a unique quad lens design and uses powerful LEDs to generate far more light output than the factory halogens or other stock-replacement headlights. The four lenses are set in a black housing with aggressive styling that is sure to turn some heads both at night and during the day. Along with the awesome lens and housing designs, the headlights feature an LED outline strip that has a white running light function over the entirety of its length, as well as a sequential amber turn signal function on its top portion that makes these aggressive -looking headlights look even better. The lights produce a whopping 2600 raw lumens per headlight, which gives you awesome lighting capability on and off the road.

High-Quality Construction with Plug-and-Play Install

Morimoto builds each of their XB LED Headlights with both quality and performance in mind so that you get awesome light output for the life of your truck. The headlights’ quad beam configuration uses the upper lenses for the low beams and the lower two lenses for the high beams. The housings are made out of lightweight, yet durable PPS plastic and feature embedded aluminum heat sinks to provide adequate cooling for the headlights. The outer lenses of each headlight are made from UV-coated polycarbonate that helps keep the lenses looking clear. The headlights come with a plug-and play wiring harness that makes it a breeze to get them up and running on your truck. The headlights are rated IP67 waterproof and come backed by a 5-year limited warranty from Morimoto. These headlights are DOT and SAE approved for street use.


  • Unique look with improved lighting output
  • Quad-beam lens design
  • Black Housing with built-in heat sinks
  • LED outline strip with both running light and turn signals
  • Plug-and-Play wiring
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
OEM Headlight Type: please select whether your 2018-2019 F150 came equipped with OEM base halogen reflector headlights or OEM LED headlights from our drop-down menu above.