2011-2020 Ford/2007-2018 GM Applications BDX Flash Device with Choice of 5 Star Custom Tunes 40470, 40470FST or 40490 (OPEN BOX)

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This product is not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles. Thus, this product will not ship to addresses in California due to state regulations.

You will receive one shop used SCT BDX, Bully Dog BDX or 5 Star Tuning BDX at random.

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    I acknowledge that check engine lights relating to emissions components (ie removing cats) will not be turned off via my custom tunes. For diesel applications, I attest my EGR/DPF systems will remain intact.
  • All of these options will not apply to every vehicle. Please select the choice that best reflects your application.
    If you know your ECU Strategy Code please enter in the "other" box.
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Why Tune My Vehicle? From the factory your vehicle’s computer is calibrated for the masses, designed with the average driver in mind, not the performance enthusiast. This not only leaves valuable horsepower & torque hidden inside your vehicle, but is also makes for a mediocre driving experience. Our tuners unlock your vehicle’s hidden performance by re-calibrating your vehicle’s PCM for maximum horsepower & torque, increase throttle response, clean shift points, increased efficiency and the best driving experience possible.

Why 5 Star Tuning? We are your industry leader in Ford and GM truck, car, suv and motorhome tuning. We create and offer the most refined tunes on the market for your application. Rather than offering you a one-sized fits all approach we custom tailor all of your tunes to your specific needs. These needs can be more power, more torque, tuning for your current or future modifications or simply getting the best driving experience from your vehicle. In addition to our refined approach to tuning vehicle, we ensure your vehicle’s reliability will never be compromised.

Dyno & Street Proven Tunes! Our 5 Star Tuning custom tunes have been dyno developed, refined, tested repeatedly, street tested, tow tested and driven all over the country in our own personal vehicles. Nothing says highest quality tune on the market such as investing in our own vehicles and testing them for over a million test miles by our own engineers.

Free Tunes for Life! Have you added a new mod to your truck, car, suv or motorhome and wish to maximize your application’s performance? For all of our Tunes for Life members these modifications are free for the life of your vehicle while you own it. This will ensure that your vehicle run properly with our dyno and street tested tunes give you the most horsepower, torque and most efficient performance possible with your newest addition. For more information on what qualifies for free tune upgrades visit

Want More Performance? A 5 Star Tuning Custom will dramatically improve your drivablity, horsepower, torque, throttle response, efficiency, and towing capacity. Eliminate your factory speed limiter, sluggish throttle, sloppy shifts and lackadaisical nature of your vehicle.

How Do We Get More Performance? Our tunes bring the most potential out of your vehicle by adjusting your fuel tables, drive by wire, timing, torque converter, shift strategies and shift pressures. Visit our Custom Tuning Info section for more detailed information for your specific vehicle.

What Can My Device Do? For starters your device is extremely versatile. In addition to being your flash programmer it can perform many other functions. It can easily load store up to 10 of your 5 Star Tuning custom tunes. Your device can also be used to monitor your vehicle engine parameters. (Parameters can range from engine RPM, Speed, Coolant Temperatures and many more). The tuner can also be used to datalog your vehicle to further dial in current or future modifications. Your flash programmer will also store a copy of your factory tune and your vehicle can be returned to stock at anytime.

Which Tunes Are Available For My Application? Our entire lineup of tunes for your vehicle can be found by visiting our calibration request form. All of our current tunes for each application can be found under our custom tune dropdown menu.

How Does The Process Work? Below is a step-by-step overview of our custom tuning process.

Once you’ve selected the tuner that best fits your needs, place your order online or via phone for the tuner that best fits your needs. If ordering online, please input your vehicle information and select your tunes via our drop-down menus. If your pcm code off of your vehicle is the most current calibration from Ford we will tune your vehicle based on your submitted information. If the coding is not current based on Ford’s current TSB’s, a blank device will be sent to you.

    1. Upon receiving your blank tuner, connect the tuner to your vehicle’s OBD-II port with the radio, heat, A/C and other general accessories that require power turned off and pull your ECU strategy code and/or ECU SWPN.
    2. With the device plugged your device into the vehicles OBD-II port select “Vehicle Info.”

      1. With the X4 and BDX devices you will need to press the center button.

      2. For the LiveWire, iTSX and GTX devices you will press select on the screen.

      3. For Diablo InTune devices please follow the steps included with your device.

  • Write down your vehicle strategy code or ECU SWPN part number.

      • For 1996 – 2014 vehicle strategy codes are listed under “ECU Strategy.”

      • For 2015+, vehicle strategy code is listed under “ECU Strategy & ECU SWPN.”

      • For 2011+ 6.7L Ford Diesel applications, we will need ECU Strategy, ECU SWPN, TCU Strategy and TCU SWPN.

      • For other diesel applications, we will need your ECU Strategy & TCU Strategy codes.

  • Select exit & then unplug your device.

    1. Email the code(s) to

    2. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive your custom tunes. Once your custom tunes have been created, you’ll be emailed a link to our Google Drive account where you’ll be able to download the tunes as SCT .cef files or Diablo .frg/.grg files. If you need assistance, please take a look at our support page or call technical support directly at 407-774-2447.

    3. Once the tunes are loaded onto the device, you may proceed to tune your vehicle.

    4. Plug the device back into your OBD-II port and select program vehicle. Once selected choose your custom tune you wish to program you vehicle with and follow the onscreen prompts.

How Long Does Installation Take? Installation will take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Do I Need A Shop To Install? The installation process of the tuner is simple and can be performed by anyone. No tools are required for the installation.

What If I Have Other Technical Questions? We can always be reached at 843-536-1244 or via email at for questions on concerns on the tuning process. We also feature a support page with information and videos pertaining to loading your custom tunes, updating your device, installation, etc at

Note: SCT’s software is only compatible with Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. For OS other than Windows, we recommend the Bully Dog BDX or Diablo InTune tuners. The Bully Dog BDX will support custom tuning via wifi whereas the Diablo InTune is supported via OSX.

Notice: By ordering this tuner, tune or performance modification you agree to assume all responsibility for assuring that it is in compliance with all U.S., Canadian, international, state & provincial laws and regulations. 5 Star Tuning assumes no liability for any violations arising out of any federal, state or provincial emissions or safety requirements on motor vehicles arising out of the customer’s modifications and/or use of our products or services.

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