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2009-2020 Ford F150/Raptor 2.7L/3.0L/3.3L/3.5L/4.6L/5.4L/6.2L/6.8L aFe POWER Magnum FLOW Pro DRY S Air Filter 31-10162

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SKU: aFe-31-10162
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Pro DRY S Filter Media:
This filter features three layers of oil-free synthetic media and requires no oil during maintenance to provide maximum convenience. Its progressive layering provides great filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity. This media is best suited for street use. Pro DRY S filters are easily recharged with aFe’s POWER CLEANER.

Rounded Deep Open Pleats:
aFe POWER performance air filters use a rounded, evenly spaced pleat design which allows for more usable filter surface area, providing increased flow and greater dust holding capacity.

Progressive Bump Seal:
This pliable sealing surface conforms to even the most uneven filter housing, making for a perfect filter fit and sealing surface every time. This design eliminates the use of gaskets or sealants and always goes back to its original form.

Full Polyurethane Frame:
All aFe POWER flat panel performance air filters are constructed with a full 360-degree polyurethane frame. Unlike other materials that degrade after repeated heat cycles in an engine bay, polyurethane maintains its original molded shape.

Emissions Disclaimer:
This product does not require a CARB EO#.

This Pro DRY S air filter features three layers of oil-free synthetic media, making it our easiest to maintain performance air filter. With a progressive bump seal design and polyurethane frame, it is also extremely durable and simple to install.

  • Washable and Reusable for Multiple Cleaning Cycles
  • Pro DRY S Filter Media Features Three Layers of Progressive Synthetic (Dry) Media for Maximum Convenience
  • Deep, Open Pleats Allow for Increased Surface Area, Flow, and Dust Holding Capacity

Also Fits:

2007-2020 Ford Expedition EcoBoost V6 3.5L Gas
2015-2020 Ford F-150 EcoBoost V6 2.7L Gas
2018-2020 Ford F-150 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel V6 3.0L Diesel
2018-2020 Ford F-150 V6 3.3L Gas
2011-2020 Ford F-150 EcoBoost V6 3.5L Gas
2011-2014 Ford F-150 V6 3.7L Gas
2009-2010 Ford F-150 V8 4.6L Gas
2011-2020 Ford F-150 V8 5.0L Gas
2009-2010 Ford F-150 V8 5.4L Gas
2011-2014 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson model V8 6.2L Gas
2017-2020 Ford F-150 Raptor EcoBoost V6 3.5L Gas
2010-2014 Ford F-150 Raptor V8 6.2L Gas
2008-2010 Ford F-250 Super Duty V10 6.8L Gas
2008-2010 Ford F-350 Super Duty V10 6.8L Gas
2008-2010 Ford F-450 Super Duty V10 6.8L Gas
2008-2010 Ford F-550 Super Duty V10 6.8L Gas
2008-2010 Ford F53 Motorhome V10 6.8L Gas
2015-2020 Lincoln Navigator EcoBoost V6 3.5L Gas
2007-2014 Lincoln Navigator V8 5.4L Gas

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Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 13.6 × 11 × 2.5 in

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