Size matters.

5 Star Tuning is proud to offer 2.0L GM Ecotec LTG Big Bore High Pressure Fuel Pump Kit. Have a big turbo LTG? Nostrum’s Big Bore HPFP is the pump you need. Flowing 63% more fuel and operating at higher pressure than the stock HPFP, our Big Bore pump is the largest one available for this platform. 
The massive amount of fuel that the Big Bore pump can move gives you loads of torque down low, and huge potential horsepower gains, as long as your injectors can keep up. 

Start strong, finish stronger. 

Complete your LTG fuel system by pairing your shiny new Nostrum Big Bore with our Stage 1 injectors. Flowing 20% more than the stock injectors, the Stage 1 LTG injectors are able to take advantage of the Big Bore’s higher max operating pressure of 240 Bar (versus the 180 Bar stock pump,) meaning even more fuel delivered into the cylinder. More fuel, more boost, more power. 

Peace of mind.

Nostrum backs every part we sell with a limited lifetime warranty. Every HPFP is serialized and 2D coded for traceability through our manufacturing process and is dynamically tested at multiple vehicle relevant rpm-target pressure points on our in-house test assets. These products come complete with everything you need inside the box, including detailed installation instructions. Tuning guides are also available for your dealer or tuner. We have customer service and calibration engineers on staff to provide you with any support that you may need, from installation to tuning. 

Kit Contents: 
  • Nostrum big bore high pressure fuel pump
  • Mounting flange, alignment tool, and electric harness adapter
  • Stainless-steel high-pressure tube with OEM style vacuum brazed spherical fittings
  • All necessary hardware including abrasion protection sleeve for low pressure line
  • Includes AN fitting adapter for low pressure connection to OE Fuel line
  • Detailed Install Guide
  • Tuning Guide (Dealers and Certified Tuners Only)
  • 2013-2019 2.0L Cadillac ATS
  • 2014-2020 2.0L Buick Regal
  • 2014-2019 Cadillac CTS
  • 2016+ 2.0L Chevy Camaro
  • 2014-2017 2.0L Buick Regal GS
  • 2016+ 2.0L Chevy Malibu

Tuning Requirements:

We highly recommend working with a tuner experienced in aftermarket DI fuel systems. DI is new for many tuners, and those less experienced may have issues with your vehicle or try to charge extra for a simple fuel system calibration.

Certified Tuner: Cooper’s Camaro