Got A 2017+ 6.2L V8 RV?

/Got A 2017+ 6.2L V8 RV?
Got A 2017+ 6.2L V8 RV? 2018-01-13T10:42:39+00:00

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Where do I find my ECU Strategy Code?

If using an SCT or Bully Dog Device and your coach has an aftermarket intake or headers: On your device under vehicle information, you will find your ECU Strategy Code. An example of an ECU Strategy Code is PKRK0R2.

Note: If your vehicle is a 2015+ we will also need your ECU SWPN (HL3A-14C204-BPH). For diesel applications we will also need your TCU Strategy (TPCL0HH) and TCU SWPN (HL3A-14C337-HH) in addition to your ECU Strategy and ECU SWPN.


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