Over the life of your vehicle, Ford will often update the computer. This new update is referred to as a calibration ID or strategy code and is loaded onto your vehicle’s PCM. Using this information is the most accurate way in which to create your custom tune file. Thus, the reason the tunes are not preloaded onto your unit.

Follow the steps below using the device you just received to obtain your vehicle’s calibration ID.


Begin by turning off your radio, heat, A/C, & other general accessories as they can impact your applications battery voltage.

  1. Plug your device into the vehicle’s OBDII port.
  2. Select “Vehicle Info” and follow the onscreen device prompts. 
    1. With the X4/you will need to press the center navigational button to confirm. 
  3. Write down your vehicle’s calibration number based on the below vehicle categories: 
    1. For 2021+ vehicles: calibration codes are listed under “ECU Strategy” & “ECU Strategy SWPN”
  4. Once step 3 is complete, select exit & then unplug your device. 
  5. Email these code(s) to sales@5startuning.com so we can build your custom tunes. Tunes will be created and emailed to you upon completion. 

If you have not yet submitted your vehicle specific information and tune selection at time of purchase, complete our Calibration Request Form. This page can be found on the homepage of our website.


Begin by turning off your radio, heat, A/C, & other general accessories as they can impact your applications battery voltage.

  1. Ensure vehicle is turned off and parked safely
  2. Fully open the hood and ensure it is secured
  3. Locate the ECU in the firewall on the passenger’s side of the vehicle
  4. Disconnect all 3 of the ECU connectors. Be sure to release the locking tab (Green Arrow) before moving the gray connector arm.

5. Connect the ECU connector provided with the X4 to the ECU and to the SCT box

6. Connect the X4 to the SCT box using the OBDII cable
7.Connect the SCT box to the battery using the battery clamps provided

8. Be sure to have completed the previous steps.
9. On the X4 select Program Vehicle.
10. Review and accept street use notice.
11. Select which custom tune file you would like to program.
12. If this is your first flash you will see saving stock data. This is normal.
13. The X4 will now program your 5 Star Tuning custom tune file. When complete, reconnect the ECU by disconnecting the battery clamps and reconnecting all 3 ECU connections.

SCT Quickstart Guide: Derive — ’21-’22 F-150 Tuning instructions (helpjuice.com)

For technical issues with Device Updater software or hardware please call Technical Support at 407-774-2447 (SCT) or 940-783-9914 (Bully Dog).