2019 Ford Ranger Tuning: Here’s One Way To Make Raptor-like Power (338 HP to the Wheels)

5 Star Tuning, in conjunction with HP Tuners, just released its software tune that adds up to 75 horsepower and 92 lbs-ft of torque to the wheels of the 2019 Ford Ranger. This software performance upgrade is specifically designed for the 2.3-liter, 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine currently used in the Ford Ranger. These performance numbers are based on the use of 93-octane fuel.

You can read about the Ford Ranger’s current dyno numbers on 93-octane fuel here.

As we quoted from Ford before, “The 2.3L Ranger engine is certified to achieve 270 horsepower and best-in-class 310 lb.-ft. of torque using 87-octane fuel.” We noted that, using 93-octane with no tune, the 2019 Ford Ranger put out some impressive numbers. We were looking at around 300 horsepower at the crank.

5 Star Tuning via HP Tuners software numbers show a serious increase at the wheels. Image: 5 Star Tuning

With this tune, you could be making up to around 338 horsepower and 382 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Those are beefy V8 and Twin-turbo V6 numbers folks. This power comes without any additional or augmented hardware. It’s all software based, just like the 5-Star Tuned Ford F-150 we tested.

While TFLtruck has not verified this information in person, we are in the process of doing so. Stay tuned to upcoming video and posts that will cover this exciting story in detail.

Speaking of the 2019 Ford Ranger…

Credit to: Nathan Adlen and The Fast Lane Truck Team

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