Product Description

This is a 4” mandrel bent stainless steel converter back exhaust kit. It has a deep, bassy, raw American muscle sound that is sure to please the truck enthusiast. With the constraints of the factory converter, the system has to start off at 3” and then quickly turns into the 4” free flow which really opens up your V8 F150.

We have incorporated our Solo J-Pipe in the front section. The J-pipe takes out the drone and trouble RPM ranges and leaves you with the deep muscular sound that this truck is capable of producing. This is all capped off with a T304 stainless steel polished 4 ½” rolled edge exhaust tip.

This deep performance tone quiets down amazingly well on the highway. At cruise speeds it’s almost as quiet as the stock exhaust.

F150 5.0L V8-MR400 Single 4” Details

• Stainless Steel Cat-Back exhaust kit
• 4” Mandrel bent exhaust
• Solo J-Pipe included in front section to eliminate drone
• Completely Bolt-On using only regular tools
• Solo’s MR400 free flow resonator used as a muffler
• The system starts off at 3” due to the constraints of the stock converter
• 4 ½” T304 rolled edge exhaust tip