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2 year 24,000 miles Warranty for your 2015-2017 F150 and 2017 Raptor

New from 5 Star Tuning and Stage 3 Motorsports for your 2015 -2017 F150 and 2017 Raptor !  This is a NO BS warranty its the real deal and covers you and your NEW Ride for just $249.95 !  Now

June 15th, 2016|

Project RS 5

A new project is upon us with 5 Stars New  2016 F150 5.0L. Stay tuned in as we plan a Super Charger install and a few other goodies. And with the 5 Star Custom Tune the drive-ability is so much better

June 11th, 2016|

Trailer On with 5 Star Tuning !

While there are other companies out there tuning trucks.  Most of those other companies only test for wide open throttle on a dyno for 10 seconds and maybe an occasional 1/4 mile 14 second pass. 5 Star Tuning tests for

June 6th, 2016|